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startup she goes to 2krpm dropping to 1.5krpm so 3.5k isnt that much,
so you should ride above 3.5 as a general low limit.. for suburban
riding staying above 3.5 to say 5.5 should be ok for power/torque
thus not stressing the engine..

if you want to go faster then say 5 to 7 should be ok..
by testing out these rev ranges you will get a feel for
how the engine seems to like to its revs in the gears..

in general, given that youre not flogging it unmercifully
in very high heat with old oil etc, it is a honda
and youre not likely to hurt it by using its potential..
so be more concerned for letting it go too low, in revs,
rather than too high.. dont worry too much..
firstly, enjoy your motorcycle
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