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Its a Honda......its hard to do much damage to it although you do want to keep grinding to a minimum. With a clutch it just takes practice and get advise from the people around you. Starting out try to do 10 mph per gear. run 1st until 10mph then shift to second, run it until 20 mph then shift to 3rd and so on. So if you look at your speed and it says 35 then you will know your in 3rd. The only thing you can do is count the gears until you can just tell by the sound or the tach what gear your in. It just takes practice and you have to find what works for you.

As far as it not wanting to go into neutral, that is somewhat normal. Best thing to do is roll it back a little while trying to shift if you can. Can also letting out the clutch and then pulling it back in and trying to shift again.

Best thing I can tell you is to stay out of traffic until you have a good handle on shifting, because cars don't want to wait for you to learn.

Good luck and welcome!

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Welcome. I think you will enjoy the bike. You are about to get 100 posts on shifting, but here's the Cliffs Notes version: 1. You are highly unlikely to damage anything by being a little clumsy while learning to shift so just keep on working at it. You know what to do...just practice how to do it. 2. Rolling the bike slightly or releasing the clutch lever a bit then pulling it back should solve the Neutral problem, but you should be in 1st when stopped, anyway, and this problem will solve itself as you ride more. Good Luck

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Originally Posted by Larkin Spur View Post
Another problem Iíve been having is sometimes when Iím stopped in neutral and try and put it in first it stays in neutral. Itís like itís stuck there. It will go up just fine from neutral but not down into first. I have to turn off the engine completely and move it back and forth and then turn it back on before it will go into first. Iím having the Cycle Nation guys look at it Saturday.

This is Normal . Slowly let out the clutch lever while trying to put it into First gear . dont release the clutch fully just start letting it out a little and it will slide right into gear . Call it a bike thing . As for the rest i'll let someone with more time and experience takle that

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Originally Posted by Empty Sea View Post should be in 1st when stopped, anyway...
+1 (then you're ready for whatever stupid move a texting cager might pull)

Welcome to the forum.
You would get the hang of shifting quite fast, just keep practicing. Like other posters said, the neutral to 1st is normal, Just push the bike forward a tiny bit while shifting down.
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[long response for novice questions, just scroll on bye ]

hi larkin - mine is all black too.. agree with excellent advice given,
esp as to practice makes perfect.. also as to not easily damaging a honda
in general riding, however your skills may be just yet..
so thats the first thing,, simply dont worry about it, ie, if you do find yourself
overthinking some riding skill such as clutching etc, remember that experienced
members here have assured you that it is normal, to not start out perfect,,
and that it is highly unlikely that you can damage your honda practicing...

if you touch type, or play piano, you will know that at first you had to deliberately
direct your fingers to their specific keys and depress them a certain way
while learning also to not press to hard or too soft, and to not - look at -
the keyboard, as this will often cause your brain to spontaneously
hit whatever key your eye first falls on... if you dont type etc, then know
that this is an example of a brain response, used here as analogy for
finger and hand skills with clutch, brake lever and throttle, together with
foot control of the gear lever and rear brake lever...

ie, the experienced rider [say, you on your scooter after 15,000miles]
wont need to look at the controls or the hands and fingers controlling
the levers or switches etc, and likely wont even need to thing thoughts
directing whatever actions you need to make to control the bike...

ditto for your new cbr250r.. start out with this concept and reality..

whatever practice you do, and the more or any of it the better [ ]
you can also do specific, practice, of any, skill you like..
might be, say, starting off,, just, starting to move in first gear
by adding some throttle, holding it there, and progressively smoothly
releasing the clutch as you feel, the clutch take up engine movement
and translate that into the wheels to start moving the motorcycle..
think of it also as you, moving, yourself, forward..
[this is not just some psycho-babble but is actual brain training]

while doing this [for eg] only moving forward under control for
say a few meters or whatever you feel like doing now,
then drawing the clutch back in to detatch engine power,
so as to roll to a controlled stop,, so as to start again...
and again,, and again, and so on, preferably until it becomes
almost boring, as this will result in decreased tension of
muscles and also of your mental responses incl stress...

while doing only that [for eg] you will be familiarising yourself
with clutching, taking control of the c of g and mass of your bike,
and entering and exiting first gear, into neutral, each time..

on finding first or neutral from standstill, [given that you have taken
the lever down to first whenever you are reducing speed toward stopping,
as other members have mentioned, ie, as you are still rolling and not yet
stopped moving],, if you find yourself in neutral say, with clutch in give it
a short rev of the throttle, then firmly press the lever down, into first..
if you cant get it into first, but can get it into second [easier] you can
still start off from stop in second esp on the flat or downhill, by giving
it more and sustained throttle [ie, engine power] as you smoothly
but deliberately ease out the clutch lever...
dont be afraid of the revs or hurting the clutch by this longer time
taking up the power.. your honda has a wet clutch, which means
the clutch plates that press together to take up the power, are bathed
in engine oil,, which means that it is difficult to damage them by
'riding' the clutch in typical riding situations..
the oil actually takes up some of the friction involved,
which is why the correct engine oil must be used..

so, even if you find yourself stuck in or in second for some reason,
no need to worry at all, just take off in second with more throttle,
taking a second or two extra to do the same thing..

to go into neutral from first when stopped, if it gets stuck say,
pull on the handlebars to pull the bike backwards, feeling the wheel
go backwards a bit until it stops, then move it forward a little bit,
where it can move easily between engaging gears front or back,
then, snick the lever up into neurtal..
if it doesnt work, try pushing on the bars the other way, forward,
then do thesame thing this time moving from the stop point
backwards a little, then snick the lever upward into neurtral..

you can practice these skills every time you start your motorcycle,
every time you stop to park or manoever it around or part it etc,,
even once or twice each time will result in learning how to control it..

the indicator switch is a bloody nuisance for me too, and i had to learn
to not touch thehornbutton on the way to indicating, also wasnt used to
its mechanism of staying one way, and of needing to depress it to
switch it off.. but, with time and repetition, its now a reflex...

on clutch and brake lever use, and shortish fingers, good idea getting
adjustments to suit your hands, of course, but remember also that its best
to use your fingers starting from the first knuckles of the fingers...
ie, you dont need to get your entire finger[s] around the levers
to work them well, and if you can get your first knuckles from the front
over the levers then its only a matter of repetition, ie, practice,
to develop the skill... you dont even need to switch the bike on...

just riding it, and thus changing gears, and thus practicing flexing
and extending your ankles thus feet will improve your flexibility
and strength and brain foot coordination which will, also,
add to your gear changing skills.. just like any activity
where stretching and weight bearing will increase abilities
using those factors.. just another bonus from, practicing..

sounds like you are quite rational and sensible about your riding
anyway,, which is probably the best start you can have..
together with the experience you have already had on your other
single track vehicle the scooter, you are already on your way to
being a competent and skilled motorcyclist

[ps excuse text and typos etc, no edit typed direct]
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Welcome aboard Larkin Spur. If it won't go into first from neutral first try, just let the clutch out and try again. It's perfectly normal for motorcycle gearbox's to behave in this way.
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Hey, I'm only a month into my bike and had the same issue.

Just hold in the clutch, roll forward slightly and push down to first...guaranteed to find the first gear.

Soon you won't even need to think about it.

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Sent from my Desire HD using Free App

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Welcome to the trail
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Whoop! Tx.

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