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The Bikers Spidey Sense

Yesterday coming home from work in my cage I was was in traffic on interstate. 30-40 mph with frequent stops. There was this dude a lane over in a cargo van. He looked like he was in a hurry and was texting and not paying attention. He gets behind me and first thing I think is this guy is going to kill someone. So I intentionally moved over to the next lane. I thought for sure I had avoided him and for a few seconds he was out of my sight. About 1/4 mile up traffic stopped. I look in my rear view. Here comes the same van barreling towards me. I just held on as tight as I could and locked the brakes so I wouldn't hit the person in front of me. SKRRRRRRR--BAM. Dude nails me. It was my work car and I could care less if its wrecked but oddly enough there wasn't a scratch on it where his front was banged up. At first I was pissed and jumped out ready for war. I stopped for a second.. looked at my car and then I just took a deep breath and told the dude.. look man, you aren't going to get there any faster and your going to kill someone. He just said sorry. The look on his face was more like man Im glad he's not calling the cops because that would be my 4th accident this month.
Got me thinking though. Riding motorcycles has sort of kicked up my spidey sense. I knew that dude was going to hit me and I even tried to get away from him and he still nailed me. You are more in tune to everything around you...Even though I knew what was coming and tried to avoid it he still got me. How do you avoid that? Just pull over. Let the danger pass. Im glad I wasn't on my bike. I would have been sitting in his front seat. I wouldn't have pulled over and let the dude by before this accident. From now on I will. Its not worth it.
Anyone else sensed it coming before?

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Good thread! I am hyper aware now. Several nights ago I had a little black cat on a dark road run out and stop right in front of me. I was doing about 35mph. I barely saw him and was able to stop. In the cage he'd be only a shadow today. I'm not sure I would have even noticed I hit something! Big cage!
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Part of what you are describing is a SIXTH SENSE that something bad is going to happen. I'll bet all of us have had that feeling at some point. Like you, when things get crazy, I have pulled-over just to let the idoits go on. Whipsaw.
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I get that all the time..just like you i get small queue's..little things i pick up on that tells me "that person is a bad, irresponsible driver" I try my best to get them in front of me if they are behind me and pray they dont nail me before that happens...

Usually after they are in front of me I can watch the reckless driving behavior continue and you just have to wonder how they have lived to be as old as they are driving that way every day..its just a matter of time before their luck runs out.,..all you can do is hope your not around them when that happens

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These skills get honed because you have to assume everyone out there is going to kill you. After a while it's easy to keep track of six vehicles at once and you never unlearn that. I would rather be a little quicker than everyone on the road and leave them in the dust but unfortunately every once in a while you have to suck it up and let them past so you can keep an extra eye on them. I constantly scan people's wheels in relation to the lane markers. You can see someone not paying attention from 100 meters away easy.
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yea man definitely. even immediately after the msf course, you have a different outlook on the road and how you execute and anticipate scenarios. you learn to be 100% accountable for everything you do on the road.

glad u ok. i recently saw a motorcycle get rear-ended at a stoplight, and my 1st reaction was "dude, you shoulda been aware of your surroundings, cuz you could have totally avoided that..." the rider had no one in front of him with very little traffic, i just wish he was paying attention to what was behind him.
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I'm just as 'paranoid' in my car as I am on my bike, always watching. At stop signs, intersections, etc. If I'm behind other cars I always give my self enough room to turn and get out of the way of someone coming at me hard from the rear. More than once I've saved myself from getting hit by zooming onto the shoulder or even across oncoming traffic and into a parking lot or something across the street.

If you stop nut to butt with people at intersections, eventually you're going to get creamed, and you'll be lucky if you don't get shoved into the car in front of you.

I'm glad you and other2 are developing this awareness, even if it took getting on a motorcycle for it to properly develop..
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Originally Posted by Jme250RA View Post
These skills get honed because you have to assume everyone out there is going to kill you.
+1 THIS.

I had my spidey sense active yesterday on the way home from a quick ride, stopped at a roundabout where 3 cars were entering the roundabout, opposite me. The first two were indicating right, so I let them in (Australia here, where the roads are all the right way around ). The third car, however, didn't indicate, but I had a sneaking suspicion they were going to pull a right too. Sure enough, right hand turn, no blinkers.

She was female.

Originally Posted by MotoMike View Post
This thread could have been called MILPD or Motorcycles I'd Like to Plasti Dip
From here:
If it was up to me, every motorcyclist that ends up donating his organs though no fault of his own should be matched by the enforced confiscation of the organs of the idiot that ran him over.

65.8 MPG!
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Originally Posted by HoPMiX View Post
Riding motorcycles has sort of kicked up my spidey sense. I knew that dude was going to hit me and I even tried to get away from him and he still nailed me. You are more in tune to everything around you...
Anyone else sensed it coming before?
Terminator Mode about time YOU got it HoP

soon you'll drive right around morons on their cell phone and stay away from random danger.........without even noticing it

@ HoPMiX: ....... still riding the 250 !? .............
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Getting them in front of you is the safer bet. I had a hunch about this one driver a few months ago right next to me, we were doing about 80ish, I slow to 70mph and he matches it but he was clearly drunk. I slowed to 60mph and he blasts off to 80mph...1 mile later I see him swerving over all 4 lanes of the freeway as his car is doing 360s. As I pass him I could see he soiled himself but my question is why does it have to come to that for these dumb mother fuckers to realize they shouldnt be breathing let alone driving?
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