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I'll admit to being more than a little jealous. I wish my parents bought me a motorcycle when I was 16, not to mention an upgrade shortly there after based on my grades (on reflection if it meant getting and keeping good grades I wouldn't have made the cut).

OP needs to relax. His post was too ironic to resist. If he can't see why, then nothing we say will convince him.
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Originally Posted by NSU View Post
Because I don't want to have to decipher illiterate word vomit. I don't care if you can't spell or write, but I hate liars who can't spell or write and try to BS it away as casual dress.

I can't tell you how often I've heard something like this over the years.
"Oh, I didn't know this was an English paper, professor, I can write perfectly well when there's a good reason"

Well, we're all trying to read your gibberish. That's reason enough. Have enough respect for your audience to give it your best or expect them to hate you for your disrespect.
I couldn't agree more... well said.
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Originally Posted by Lowcard View Post
I mowed a 6 acre field near my granparents neighbor's property(with a non-selfpropelled push mower) .
When I was a boy we didnt have mowers,
we had to chew it with our teeth,
100 acres,
Dad would give us an aniseed ball

If we were lucky.

Ah kids today.

Sent from my mobile phone while driving, waiting for a vigilante Motovlogger to star in his own train wreck.
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Jme250RA (12-10-2012)
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This thread could have been titled "The Plight Of Privileged Children In America Today"... maybe DateLine, or 20/20 will do an feature story.
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Jme250RA (12-10-2012)
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Originally Posted by Aufitt View Post
When I was a boy we didnt have mowers,
we had to chew it with our teeth,
100 acres,
Dad would give us an aniseed ball

If we were lucky.

Ah kids today.
You were lucky, when I were a lad, we used to live in a matchbox on the motorway.

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Hello Members:

I am CBR250kid's father. I just found this post on his laptop and I am rather taken back by the relative animosity that this dialogue has taken. So I apologize for any bad feelings that he has or had caused. I will be getting his account closed so that there will be no further disruptions to this group.

For some of you here who have posted negatively about him, allow me to come to his defense.

1) He goes to a private school. I pay for his entire education.

2) I reward him and I give him incentives to achieve high grades because I clearly benefit from this. If and when he gets admitted to the university of my choice, he will have saved me ~$80k over four years. This potential savings is substantial.

3) It is true that he currently has "C" grades in some of his courses. However, these classes that is giving him trouble are advanced placement collegiate courses. He is taking them for college credits. Thus, by doing well and completing them while in high school, he will be exempt from having to take them in college.Thus, I will not need to pay for those courses and he will graduate sooner than later.

Since he is my son, and I am paying for his education, I will reward him in any way I feel is necessary to get my son admitted. If and whenever some of you here with objection and you feel obligated to pay for his education, then by all means, you can voice whatever opinion or opinions you have about me in this regard. Fair enough?

4) Like all of you here, I too am an avid motorcyclist. Likewise, I also had to struggle in my teens to fund the purchase of a motorcycle. And I too could pass onto my son the virtues of hard work and savings by not funding his motorcycle interests. However, it is my decision to restrict him from getting a job because I do not want him to work, but rather spend his time maintaining a high GPA. Nevertheless, he DOES work, but not for money. He volunteers at a hospice twice a month. For some who don't know what a hospice is, it is a place where people spend their last six months of life before death. He cleans very ill patients' rooms and shampoos their hair.

5) Regarding the claim that I don't know what I'm doing by letting my son on a motorcycle, allow me to provide this for consideration. Statistically the cause of death with teenagers in vehicle accidents is among the highest. That, in and of itself, concerned me so much that I had to take action. I felt that the more time I provide my son with operating and controlling a motor vehicle, the better his chances would be at avoiding an accident when the time comes for him to drive a car. He would have, or it is with hope that, the skills required to operate a motorcycle under harsh offroad conditions will propogate over and give him motor and visual skills not gained from a typical driver's license course. This is my motivation for getting him on motorcycles at an early age. Now that he is 16 and has a motorcycle license, I am looking forward to sharing future riding trips and experiences with my son riding next to me. It is hope that some of you will have similarly grand experiences as well. Yes, of course I am keenly aware of how dangerous it is to be on a motorcycle on the street. We all are. But is this fear supposed to stop all parents who ride from letting their son enjoy that which we love? Some of you seem to think so, and that is unfortunate.

I thank you all for reading this. And I thank you for your understanding.
I will have my son close his account on here when he comes home.
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lewiCBR250R (12-11-2012)
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This is hilarious.
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Now see what everyone did here.. Everyone should be ashamed, got this kids father in here yelling at everyone.. Or could this be the kid acting like the father in order to show everyone off with his great grammer

OMG the possibilities are endless!!!!

and WERD pops.. Powa to the kidz!!!!!

Now do you wanna adopt a 25 year old financial employee that got only a's and b's in school and worked really really hard for a 98 golden saturn nicknamed the shooting star?
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Woooow. People need to get a life and leave the kid alone. Go ride your bikes or something lmao
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Established members know that they are just having a go at him. The problem with being on a forum is you dont really know who is a hot-head and will take your comment personally. I think most comments made on the forum are with the intent to joke with someone. Maybe serious sometimes but it is a forum. Discussion and opinions is all you will find here. Whether it be negative, positive or neutral. If you dont like it then dont post.

To the father: Your son will soon be an adult. A harsh part about the world is that you will be judged. Whether it be how you present yourself or the way you talk with others. I am sure you are a great parent, but I also think you should speak with your son about this incident and tell him what the real world is like once he leaves the nest. He will need to find a way to resolve his own problems with people. With that being said I do appreciate you taking the time to explain.
(I say this with the utmost repect to you as a parent of a young adolescant.)
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