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had mine drain thru leaving the key in,
seemed lifeless, tried clutch starting
[live on a nice sloped street] which worked
- altho as op mentioned, as soon as she fired
i took revs up to sustainable level [say 5]
stopped, continued around the block keeping
revs up esp when starting, high revs, smooth clutch,
then continued riding around the block for a while..

tested normal revs and clutch while at the top end of
the block, for a nice long downhill run just in case..
[if your on the flat, dont stop til on a long slope]
then clutch started her daily [again parked on a
long slope] where she started again, running clutch
start.. kept doing this for a 5 days or so before
attempting use of the starter, which worked..

this happened twice with a good break in between..
same response with similar outcomes..

clutching when battery seems flat requires a good
run-up on a slope for preference.. i happen to have
experience with clutching bikes so it was easy,
but you need to be able to run, besides the bike
[if road rises in its center, run on the highest side,
for me throttle side], in second gear, clutch in, until good
speed [when you cant run faster, say] then jumping on
either side saddle feet same side [better focus of weight]
or swinging other leg over while leaping aboard if you cant
or dont feel confident with side saddle jump..

if no slope and cant run/push to reasonable speed
you need someone to help push from behind..
they should continue pushing into the start..
[until clutch in, throttle up, brakes on]

running and jumping [or standing up on pegs
being pushed while already aboard] require
dropping into saddle - as you drop the clutch -
to add maximum potential weight/mass into
bikes moving mass to help turn engine/wheel..

if you cant get some speed up at first, resulting
in dropping clutch only locking the rear wheel,
try next gear up [3rd] with better run-up..
[priority is the run-up speed/momentum]

charger/tender advice is of course relevant,
but there is a case for clutch starting, which
at least gets you going again there and then..

mine showed no life when i tried the ignition,
so it was effectively, 'dead' whatever that
means in technological terms..
yet she still fired up with a good clutch start,
and continued - with throttle holding revs -
which resulted after a weeks clutching
[thinking of not loading battery]
then started as usual..

anyway, i reckon a running clutch start
is well worth the minimal effort required
which is basically getting up to a good
pace before dropping the clutch..
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