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1. On a stock CBR250R the power and torque drop off quickly past 8000rpm. That gives another 2500 safe engine rpms that aren't worth using.

2. Honda know how to get 40hp out of a street legal 250 cylinder. They put four of them side by side and call the result a Fireblade.

3. The NX250 I had ten years ago did pull evenly through to 10000rpm although I doubt it had as high peak torque as the CBR250R.

Googling power curves for the CBR250 shows that Honda have made the motor quite peaky by four stroke single cylinder standards, with that peak occurring quite early. What I think most folks here are looking for is not tarmac shredding power but a few more usable revs and less gear changing required to keep in the sweet spot. If that could be done for 10 to 20% the cost of the bike I'd go for it.

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