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Originally Posted by Pro View Post
THX for doing the legwork for us!

Do you think maybe a section of 1" PVC pipe could work to fill in the gap?

That's a bummer that the handlebar's on back order.
I suppose a dirt bike handlebar can work out as a substitue, but
that would mean locating new bar end weights and having to mod something to address the nubs sticking down under the throttle and turn signal collars. I know from sitting on that 300F, the stock 300F bar is PERFECTLY contoured for me. That is my 1st choice for a bar, so I suppose it's worth the wait just to have it.


BTW... do you think the 300F bar will clear the screen? Not that it matters, b/c the end improvement clearly justifies the means.
The hole for the ignition sw. is 34.71 mm (1 1/2") The diameter of the sw is 31.25 mm (1 1/4) and is tapered and gets larger toward the bottom. I tried a 1" pvc pipe, to small, it fits in the cbr250r hole good and tight.
I doubt if the bars will clear the screen. You do have a lot more adjustability with handlebars. Will have to wait and see. I've got my saw ready just in case.

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