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Originally Posted by gyrotumbler View Post
Dropping the forks down will be the first thing I do. It will alter a few specifications slightly and probably give me cb300f specs.
stock specifications
-----------CB300F -CBR250R -----difference
wheelbase 54.3" ----- 53.9----- 3/8" (10mm)
rake ------ 25.30----- 25.0 ----- .3 degrees
trail --- 98mm (3.9")-- 98.6mm (3.9")-- rch
seat height 30.7----- 30.5----- 3/16" (5mm)
With the 300F's forks being positioned down lower from the top bridge, the resulting 0.6mm shorter trail dimension (98mm vs. 98.6) will add to a sharper turning radius, but straight line stability will be slightly less stable as that of the CBR.

If you do alot of hwy, I think keeping the stock CBR fork protrusion might work better w/ the full fairing.

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