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Honda cb300f handlebars installed on cbr250r

I installed the new handlebars yesterday. The handlebar switches (turn signals, horn, starter, lights, and kill switch) use location pins that fit in holes in the bars. The location holes for the pins in the handlebar switch assemblies are not in the correct place. The pins need to be removed, or the bars can be drilled to locate the switches in the correct place if you know exactly were you want them. The left side switches have a plastic pin, the right side has a steel pin to keep them from moving as you rotate the throttle. I ground this pin down with a 3" high speed air cut-off tool. You should leave enough of the pin sticking up to still make contact with the bar, its the only clamping contact you have to prevent rotation of switches when you move the throttle. The wires from the switches must be moved from in front of the top fork bridge to the rear side. They can be clamped to the rear side of the fork tubes using the reusable plastic ties originally holding the wires on the front of the forks. This cable tie can be easily released, there is a small tab sticking out were the end exits the clamp that you lift with your finger to release, no screwdriver needed.
All of the control cables and the front brake hose are longer. The clutch cable is 1" longer, and the end at the handlebar is straight compared the original cbr250 cable which has a sharp bend at the clutch lever. One throttle cable is 2 1/4" longer, the other one is 2 1/2" longer. The front brake hose is 1 3/4" longer.
When the handlebars are rotated in their clamp, it changes the height of the handlebars, when the bars are pushed forward, the ends of the bars rise up. When the bars are pulled back towards the rider the bar ends drop down, in this position they don't hit the windscreen. I already have two different sets of handlebars ordered, one with a 2' higher rise, and one with a 1' higher rise and 3' more pullback.

1. 53230-K33-700 BRIDGE, FORK TOP
2. 53110-K33-305 HANDLEBAR
3. 53130-MGS-D30ZB HOLDER (top clamp for h/bars)
4. 90111-362-000 BOLT, FLANGE (M8 1.25x36) Four are needed. These are bolts
for the holder, I think they are chrome plated and cost about $3.25 to $4.50
each depending on where you buy them. I used regular bolts from home
I expect them to rust soon.
5. 45125-K33-701 HOSE, FR. BRAKE
6. 17910-K33-700 CABLE A, THROTTLE
7. 17920-K33-700 CABLE B, THROTTLE
8. 22870-K33-700 CABLE CLUTCH
9. 45158-K33-700 GUIDE, FR BRAKE HOSE
10. 45159-K33-700 GUIDE, CLUTCH CABLE
If I forgot any thing I will add it later

I also should mention the throttle cables exit the cb300 switch housing on the front, the cbr250 on the bottom, no problem though.

the pictures show the bars adjusted high and low, high is probably normal cb300f position, the windscreen would need to be trimmed in this position. Low is where they clear the windscreen. I have the controls pushed in as far as they will go in these pictures, they still clear when slid out to the ends of the bars. I would cut off the ends if I use these bars.
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The grass is always greener . . .

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