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Originally Posted by EYVoom View Post
You son of a biscuit!!!

I'm not a fan of nonconstructive criticism. I don't find it a problem here as much, but hopped on a cafe racer site (was looking to get some insight and see if it would be a fun project to take on) and everyone just shot me down saying that it wasn't safe and that I should just get a stock bike that I love and call it a day. I'm not sure half of them read my post. I had a few people assuming that I didn't even know how to operate a motorcycle. Pretty much I don't like [email protected]**s.
What kind of project was it that you were proposing?

For what it's worth, we do get the occasional 'half baked' ideas pop up on this site as well, and quite often the reply posts from experienced members will be blunt and to the point... particularly when what is being proposed is seen as unsafe or ill advised. After all, these are street legal motorcycles, and not some homemade go-kart intended to just tear around with out in the back forty.

One such thread here was the guy who came up with the makeshift foot stirrups out of pieces of rope... sort of a poor man's highway pegs (on a sport bike no less ). Needless to say that idea was not well received at all by those of us not keen on the idea of having feet tangled up in the event of the bike going down.
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