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wildlife especially if under hunting pressures
could presumably be startled by say a loud banging
such as a stock harley makes down the road
starting up in the mornings..

wildlife tho are being wiped out along with cars
and drivers/passengers [on usa highways]
running into quiet running cars..
[pbs nova wildways]

it could work both ways of course,
a gun like banging could send wildlife
in the opposite direction..

wildlife have favorite crossing sites
part of movement corridors and could be
heading to or beginning a crossing anyway,
in which case the silent vehicle could
cause a last second startle response
by its unexpected appearance..

as quiet cars and presumably motorcycles
are taken out by wildlife, the go seems to be
to ride [or drive] slowly and carefully
anywhere wildlife might cross roads..

in cities etc, loud vehicles could startle
wild drunks into momentary awareness,
perhaps causing them to pause...
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