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Wow! Turns out it is BETTER than I expected.
Installed it this week and took my first ride today after waiting 24 hours for the gaskets to cure.
About as loud as I expected, even with the baffle (if I really wanted QUIET I would have ordered an 18" with a baffle AND db killer), but man, what a SWEET tone!
Not raspy or sharp like the Yoshi's or a Two Brothers' I've heard at all.
It's all deep, throaty bass tones and I think the carbon fiber only adds a little mellowing.
I can't believe this pipe can make a 250cc single sound so good. It's not at all like the complaints I've heard about slip-ons making the CBR sound like a dirt bike.
The deep "rumble" on deceleration is definitely going to be addicting.
Amazingly, when at speed it doesn't sound all that much louder than the stock can, but man at lower rpms it sounds like a MUCH bigger bike.
To say I'm happy with my purchase would be a vast understatement.
I freakin' LOVE this Delkevic and how it's completely changed the personality of an already phenomenal bike!
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