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This is absolutely terrifying. Exactly the reason I try to avoid larger highways if at all possible. Even at slower speeds though drivers really neglect bikers. I've had people pull out and almost T-bone me, had I not been paying attention. Usually, if there is a red light that we get stopped at I turn around and try to signal to the person that they almost ran into me, if they hadn't noticed, and they act like they were the ones in the right despite the fact that I had the right-of-way. It's absolutely ridiculous.

I once read a study on how when people are in their cars, they view all other vehicles as non-human (basically, they forget that there are people behind each and every other vehicle on the road). I would imagine that would be harder to attain with cyclists, as you can actually see the human form. Perhaps it is not this phenomenon occurring in the context of bikes, but rather the fact that people feel safe in their steel cocoons and are willing to be pushy to get where they're going faster. Who knows...

Moral of the story I would say is stay alert always.
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