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I think it's great that you're enjoying this past time with your son. My Dad is the polar opposite unfortunately.

When he heard that I bought my CBR, he was so incredibly angry that I was honestly worried for his health. He's in his 70's now, and is a retired health care professional. In his dental college days in the late 1960's, he interned at an emergency room at a downtown Chicago hospital. He says that some of the worst injuries he saw while there were people involved in motorcycle accidents. He is 100% deaf to all of my pleas for understanding, and still, 5 weeks post-purchase, he wants to know why I'm "obstinately ignoring" his impassioned demands that I get rid of my bike. I don't understand what's behind this. I understand that he's worried about my welfare, but ******************** - I'm nowhere near the age anymore where he has any direct influence on what I do with my life. We live 1,300 miles from each other and he hasn't tried to influence my decisions for over 30 years, since I was back in my teens. I hope he's not getting to a point in his life where his judgment begins slipping and his critical thinking becomes impaired - I'm not ready to see him like that.

So, I applaud you for sharing in your motorcycling adventures with your kid rather than shi**ing all over his fun and excitement. I hope you two enjoy many safe miles under your wheels and create some wonderful life long memories during your trips.
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