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I havent ordered off WISH yet either. I have never even heard of a WISH Challenge (guess Ill have to spend sometime on YOUTUBE). I have ordered off of other similar sites for drones and other electronics and have never had an issue. I am more interested in the backpack personally. I guess I will have to order it and see what it is like, Yes I know it is knockoff and cheap but I dont want to spend $400 on a backpack to wear while i travel too and from work, does that make me stupid, i dont know.

Originally Posted by Big F1 Fan View Post

I don't think the words "cheap" & "knockoff" belong anywhere near the word "protective." I would never knowingly buy or use counterfeit protective gear, especially when my life may be depending on that gear.

Before I say anymore, I should let you know that I have never personally ordered anything from WISH. My opinions are formed from watching numerous Youtube videos of people taking "WISH challenges", if you will, and almost universally finding the items to be practically worthless.

I would take reviews of anything ordered from WISH with about a thousand grains of salt. However, you sound like you're well aware that the items are 100% fake, and if you're willing to forgo quality, reliability and lasting usefulness to save a few $'s on non-essential riding kit - go for it. I'd like to hear a success story from a WISH customer - there must be SOME good products on there, right? Good luck!
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