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I ended up watching 2 wish challenge videos yesterday then, one was for fishing which I was pleasantly surprised with. The other was some millennial punk who is a social justice warrior purchasing clothes and “swag” I wouldn’t be caught dead in. I’m still contemplating ordering the bag. A few things happened today, I purchased used icon airmada future suture helmet and used icon gloves and got served papers regarding my separation at work so I won’t be spending much money for awhile.

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I dont want to spend $400 on a backpack to wear while i travel too and from work, does that make me stupid, i dont know.
Heck no, I don't think that's stupid! I think that's what I'd call rolling the dice and seeing what happens. You never know - it could be a great deal and last just as long as a high $ version at a fraction of the price. Saving money is never stupid in my book, and it's fun to take a chance sometimes.

I also have to admit that I've never tried to look for videos of good WISH experiences, all of the ones I've seen have been the click-baity type of videos that sucker me in. I'm sure that there has to be a bunch of good deals to be had on WISH, the outlet is too big to be full of 100% bad products. I've seen a few things on there myself that I wouldn't mind having - but so far I've had enough self-control to stay away from any merchant websites anytime around my payday, haha.

I'd love to hear your experience, good or bad if you do decide to roll the dice. I'd be curious to read an unbiased opinion from a real person, not some 18 year old youtube "personality" trying to get as many views as possible.
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