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Originally Posted by blissman20 View Post
I ended up watching 2 wish challenge videos yesterday then, one was for fishing which I was pleasantly surprised with. The other was some millennial punk who is a social justice warrior purchasing clothes and “swag” I wouldn’t be caught dead in. I’m still contemplating ordering the bag. A few things happened today, I purchased used icon airmada future suture helmet and used icon gloves and got served papers regarding my separation at work so I won’t be spending much money for awhile.
Well that's a real bummer about your job, sorry to hear that.

Have to say though, that buying someone's used helmet is not a good idea, if for no other reason than not knowing with any certainty whether that helmet has taken an impact. Even a drop onto a hard surface from just a few feet can compromise the integrity of the shell... safety helmets are intended to do their job just once.

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