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First off - thanks for the kind words and well wishes. I have surgery scheduled for July 3, and I’m a little nervous about that. Ugh.
@Schroeder my bike was a 2011 Honda CBR250R according to my insurance company, worth about $2400. I live in a far western ( fairly wealthy ) suburb of Chicago. Factoring in labor rates, taxes, 80 miles of towing, a couple days of storage and finally replacement parts, the numbers just couldn’t add up for the insurance to rebuild a 7 year old bike to new status. I understand, but it still hurts. I only paid $3,300 for it from a dealer last summer, so I don’t think they’re out of line totaling it.
@trippplep what I’ve learned is to NEVER NEVER EVER panic squeeze the front brake. And yes, ABS will be a requirement on my replacement. I hope you do always take the extra 30-45 seconds to put on your helmet.

Please be as safe as possible out there folks. A whole lot can happen in a split second!

-dreaming of beautiful weather and empty roads....
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