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Originally Posted by bageland2000 View Post
Thanks, that'r really helpful. It's a 10mm bolt, but I have no idea what the "strength grade" is.
It's got a 10mm head, but the actual bolt size is most likely M6 (just a guess). That's the measurement in mm if the diameter of the actual bolt shaft.

It's not a critical bolt, so "snug" is most likely adequate. You need to get a feel for how tight to make bolts. The smaller bolts can be tightened with a 1/4" drive ratchet, and medium bolts with a 3/8" drive ratchet - but not using the very end of the ratchet.

The chart says 10.5 Nm (88.5 inch-pounds) for a M6 bolt of a pretty much standard 8.8 grade.

There are numerous times where trying to reach the actual torque value listed in a service manual can cause problems. There have been instances of CBR owners breaking smaller bolts (M5 or so) when torqueing to the recommended spec.

My son replaced a sprocket on his cycle and the factory torque spec sounded to high too me, but he tried anyway. Stripped 4 before he stopped (I would have stopped him after the first if I were there...). Had to replace the sprocket carrier and torque to a standard spec instead of the "over-torque" factory spec.
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