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Originally Posted by cbrlocal View Post
It does suck to do; but, it only has to be done every 16,000 miles. The worst part is getting all the way in there and finding they're all within spec. "Welp geez! You could have just told me you were fine before I dug a hole to China!"

I'm over my snit. She runs solid, doesn't clatter now and is as fun to ride as I recall, even commuting.

I was a 'little bike' guy when I started back in the late 70s and I imagine what it would have been to have such a competent bike available back then, or at that stage in my riding. I had to upsize because thats where the brakes and solid frames and all were, not because I wanted power. To be able to buy a solid rig like these things right out of the gate? I'd never look for anything bigger. These bikes are the shiznit.
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