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Originally Posted by Radha21 View Post

Will buy the 10 oz Chevron Techron next time im at Wally World. Im usually lucky enough to get a cash register with a fat girls a.s.s in spandex to stare at for 20 minutes. So I will put 3 oz in the motorcycle and the rest in my car (which has an 8 gallon gas tank)

Just to make sure I am understanding, are you guys saying to upshift at 5000 rpm or 7000 rpm? I have been coasting with clutch in as much as possible (when it is safe to do so and no car riding my tail)
That's fine, but an occasional run up to redline (like when merging into traffic) is fine too as long as everything is good and the engine is fully warm.

I never coast with the clutch in, but sendler does all the time. It doesn't present any problems.
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