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Check this out:


The counterfeit Chinese gloves where of sub-par quality and could not be relied upon to protect in an actual crash.

When you consider the risks and the high stakes of a potential Hospital visit and bills in excess of $100,000 dollars you can see that it would be foolish and a "false economy" to try to save $100 bucks with counterfeit safety gear that cannot be trusted. Not to mention the month it takes to arrive from China. You may crash before the package arrives from China.

I dont mind buying a phoney Michael Kors purse for my gf or some phoney Versace jeans or Lacoste polos but certainly I would not trust safety gear that is not legitimate. And if you search you can find brand name gear for very low prices. For example here is my setup:

AFX FX-95 helmet: $40 shipped
CorTech Adrenaline 2 Gauntlet Gloves: $79
AGV Sport Textile Jacket with Armor: $99
Joe Rocket textile pants with armor: $60
Sidi Tour Air boots: $125

So as you can see I am well protected and it did not cost me a fortune. Go to and type in a search for the exact product you are looking for.

Anybody can buy full gear from head to toe for under $500. You dont really need Shoei helmet. AFX makes good helmets in Taiwan (not China) and they are very cheap. The FX-95 comes in so many colors and I love it. I tried out and returned 4 other helmets (Even and Icon and Scorpion helmet) and liked how the AFX FX-95 felt even better than the others and for a fraction of the price.

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