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Ooooh Toastie

Today I spent a little bit of money and bought myself a heated jacket liner (sleeveless) from Gerbing. The reviews reckoned it was the best of the bunch so that's where my money went.

The wiring was dead easy to connect to the battery and the first test this evening was 50 mile round trip to a presentation on the flora and fauna of Madagascar. When I left home the garden thermometer was reading 3.3 degrees C. The heating elements warmed up quickly and felt like either the sun on your skin on a pleasant (not blistering) summer's day or maybe a warm shower (but not wet). On the return trip I took the fast route, mostly dual carriageways at 70mph and got home to find the temperature had dropped to 0.6 degrees. I still felt like a fully functioning human being and could have happily ridden a fair bit further. Verdict: money well spent.

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