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Originally Posted by Radha21 View Post
Has anybody else noticed that if coasting with the clutch pulled in that when you reach 1st gear on the click down the motorcycle makes a high pitched whine style of sound (very soft noise)? I wonder if its just my bike that does this?

Thats how I know I am finally in first gear while the clutch is pulled in. I clutch-in coast almost exclusively when approaching red lights
I don't normally coast with the clutch in, but I would suggest waiting until you are almost completely stopped to drop into 1st gear.

If you have coasted for a while with the clutch in, parts of the trans have stopped moving and getting into 1st may take extra force. If you were coasting at a reasonable pace with the clutch in, and in 1st gear, and let the clutch out abruptly you could lock the wheel and cause control issues.

Downshifting one gear at a time, and letting the clutch out in between, keeps the trans spinning and keeps your gearing matched to your speed so if you need to accelerate you are in an appropriate gear for your speed.
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