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New Years ride

Iím stuck in town watching the wifeís kittyís, but I did take a short grocery ride. I havenít been on since my password was changed last year. I only have dial up internet at home and itís so slow I could never get it straightened out. Our daughter got a new iPad from her husband for Christmas, so I got hers for Christmas.😀 Iím still learning how to use it, but so far its great!

The little 250 Is still doing great, with 125,431 mileís on it. I would never have thought a little 250 would make that many miles without mechanical work. I check the valves every 10,000 miles, but have only had to change a shim on the exhaust valves a few times. Have never had to change a shim on the intakeís, but at the 120,000 mile check, both intakes were at .009Ē, so something has happened. The intakes have always been right on .007Ē until now. I ran short on time, so had to let it be for now, but I suspect a worn rocker arm bearing, since they both changed the same. The cam looked good, Iíll keep you informed when I get back to it. Iím still riding it every day, so it would be my fault if something goes bad, Iíve just been short on time.

The steering head bearings are quite notchy, have been for a long time, so Iím gonna have to tend to them too. Iím just too old and slow to keep up nowadays 😕 Iíll be 81 next month. I did do a foolish thing, but I just couldnít resist it, in January of last year I saw an ad on Craigslist, for a 2014 NC700x for $4,000, with 4,151 miles on it and I had to have it. I knew it was too heavy for me, but I just couldnít pass it up, Iím scared every time I ride it, but it sure is sweet😀 I passed the 16,000 mile mark, so Iíve checked the valves, no change, still at factory settings. Much easier to do than the 250 and only 1 throttle body, so no syncing to do.

I live in Julian CA and if itís threatening rain or snow, I take the 250, I feel much safer on it! I wonít tell you how many mpg Iím getting, I donít wanna make you sick😊

Take Care & ride safe,
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