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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
The riding position is very similar to the CBR250R but try to imagine cutting a centimetre or two out of the seat padding. That makes it feel a little more like you're sitting in the bike rather than perched on top. The seat slopes from rear to front more than the Honda which is something I may get modified in the future.
I sat on an R3 at the dealers and got the same "sitting in" sensation. I also instantly noticed the slope, something I absolutely hated on my Ninja 250R. With a 34" inseam the pegs also seemed a lot higher than the CBR's.
I think I'm just a tad too tall for an R3, which was a little disappointing because my first 2 bikes were Yamahas and I'd love to get back on one.
I'm dragging my feet on the Ninja 400 hoping that sales figures will convince Yamaha to jump in and market a 400 as well, hopefully with a slightly higher seat and lower pegs than the R3.
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