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Originally Posted by cbrrider111 View Post
Iíve had some engine stop leak in for about 500km, but it still leaks 😕

As for my current solution, I have foam tied to a small bracket made from thin sheet steel with two 6mm holes in it. The bolt closest to the weep hole goes through the bracket and some rolled up foam is zip tied to it.

I then just squeeze the foam with tissues every month or so to soak up the oil. Iíve never had a drip or oil spray on the bike when using this.
Typical engine stop leaks in a bottle are snake oil, and best case do nothing or worst case plump up the seals for temporary peace of mind. The important thing about this is you have to use this specific product; it's not petroleum based like all the others and is actually different. If the seals can be saved, this will save them without actually hurting anything.

So if what you have in there isn't the ATP Reseal (AT-205), it's still worth a shot, even with you trying another product first.

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