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Originally Posted by heavy_49 View Post
Thank you guys for the help
Like you guys mentioned the gearing did not help It just made the bike boring haha. I plan to go back to the stock sproket on the front but I think ill be keeping the 36t for the back. For what you guys have told me there isn'tt much I can do to improme mpg other than loosing weight (i weigh 188lb goal is 170lb) so ill go the oposite route. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the bike more fun to drive maybe some powermods that dont brake the bank?
Changing to the 15T/36T sprocket combo was a big step on the chart towards a taller final drive ratio, compared to the 14T/38T stock ratio... +1 tooth on the front sprocket is about equal to - 2 on the rear sprocket. Have to be a really light weight rider to ride this bike with such a tall final drive ratio.

As for making the bike fun to ride, definitely go back to the stock gearing (both F&R sprockets).

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