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Electrical issue

Getting desperate with the repairs now. Need any help to save my bike.
Issues started around 4 months ago when the bike would simply refuse to start and the fuel pump would make a sort of slight clicking sound instead of the normal sound. It only happened rarely but had started to happen more often and so I had to get it fixed. I changed the battery first then the ecu and coil. That fixed the issue for around a month but then the problem started again. When the fuel pump doesn't make the normal sound the bike will not start. My electrician has now changed the fuel pump albeit with a different model as i couldn't get the original one. It started fine the first time but has now stopped turning on again. I no longer know what to do. The problem is that sometimes it works fine and other times it will just refuse to start so i get stuck all over the place. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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