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First time bike owner needs help

Hi guys,

I’m a car enthusiast with basic + mechanical knowledge. Just bought my first bike mc19 cbr 250. Turns out it has MC22 carbs hooked up. Also turns out it has no fuel pump. Runs sweet but after 15 min or so wants to die as soon as I hit low rpm then won’t start without push start. Question is, can I put a fuel pump on this bike even though it has MC22 carbs which has a gravity fed system?if not, can I use a gravity system? And if so, For the gravity system to work do I need and MC22 fuel tank and fuel tap? Because as far as I’m aware I have an MC22 fuel tank with an mc19 fuel tap?? Also, if I were to use a fuel pump, would I need to have an mc19 fuel tank and my 19 fuel tap? I’ve been through a lot with this bike over two months and have learned a lot but im struggling to find the info to help solve this issue which is the last hurdle before I can use it happily on the road! Please help!
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