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Since the person who hit your motorcycle ran away, is it treated as a hit and run? I hope it is.

I've had a similar experience of being hit in a parking lot. I located my bike dead center in my spot, but a car next to me still managed to hit it and tip it over. Fortunately, the person who hit the bike did not run away. In fact, the person started to look for the owner of the bike within the coffee shop where I was at.

The bike that was damaged wasn't the CBR250R, so the value of the bike was actually quite a bit higher. Still, insurance decided to total the bike without even stopping by the shop to inspect it. I decided to buy back the bike from the insurance company. The amount they asked for the bike was reasonable.

Not sure how registering a salvage title in your neck of the woods works, but here in California, it was quite a bit of pain. I've had to get a DMV inspection, a third-party inspection, and countless trips to the DMV office which was the worst part, taking hours at a time.
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