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Doug Lyford 06-28-2018 11:00 AM

Hello World

I'm Doug. I just got my motorcycle license in a 2-day MSF Basic Rider Course program last weekend. I promptly purchased a 2012 Black CBR250R (non ABS) with 1800 miles for my first bike! I'll try to post some pictures in here later.

I have never ridden motorcycles on the street before, but about 12 years ago I used to ride dirt bikes all the time. I have some experience on trails, pit riding, and even some racing experience. I am extremely excited to get my new bike registered and inspected tomorrow and looking forward to my first ride!

I plan to own this bike for a short time (1-2 years) and hope to upgrade to something bigger afterwards. I'm going to do my best to not upgrade every possible piece of equipment on the bike, but so far that isn't going so well. >:)

I've already ordered the following:

-HotBodies Racing fender eliminator
-K&N Air Filter
-Haynes manual
-Flush mount front blinkers
-Rear brake fluid reservoir delete

Aside from the above, I may at some point order an exhaust and a rear footpeg delete exhaust hanger.


jsonder 06-28-2018 05:33 PM

Part of the standard advice is to ride the bike in stock form for a month to get a good idea of how it works before making changes. Without a baseline, you cannot tell it the change improves the bike or not.

Have you changed this fluid?

Schroeder 06-28-2018 06:56 PM

Hello Doug and welcome to the forum.
Since you have some experiences with motorcycles you probably already know that you won't get the money back for the modifications when selling the bike. If you just want to keep it for a short time your money might be better spent on quality protective gear rather than gadgets that you will lose money on in a year or two.

delnorte 07-02-2018 08:15 PM

It will be a fun little bike. Welcome!

Doug Lyford 07-04-2018 08:37 AM

@jsonder - That makes sense but the only "performance" mod I have done is a K&N air filter which IMO is a no-brainer. I haven't changed the blinker fluid yet I'll get right on that ;)

@Schroeder - Good advice. I already have solid helmet, boots, and gloves. I have decent jacket and pants that are not motorcycle-specific products but I would like to get some quality pants/jacket at some point. They're expensive though!! I have mostly been focusing on shop and maintenance equipment for now. I picked up a pitbull rear stand, chan cleaner and lube, shop rags, and the Haynes manual came in. I'll be cleaning/lubing/adjusting the chain as soon as the other parts come in.

@delnorte- Yeah it is a blast! I'm glad I didn't go with a bigger bike because "a 250 is too small". It is plenty fast enough and a great learning bike, and super fun in corners. I drove it to work yesterday which is 35 miles of highway commuting at about 75-80 mph and it was really no problem.

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