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post #271 of 277 Old 05-02-2016, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by OzHonda View Post
My understanding is that the exhaust is pointing away from the direction you're travelling, so loud pipes are moot point.
Not true. Sure it's louder behind the exhaust, but sound waves travel out in all directions. Unless you're traveling faster than the speed of sound, the noise will proceed you. You still hear trains coming, trucks approaching, and loud muscle cars even if you're not standing behind them.
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Tis better to be thought a fool and remain silent, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.
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post #272 of 277 Old 05-02-2016, 06:54 PM
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my horn is pointed downward at the road surface
and yet strangely enough, people can hear it..

for many slip on owners the extra noise
is secondary, and yet there is an upside to
noise, as in for eg, the horn, a safety device..

the fact is - based on real road riding experiences -
that it can be used as a safety device in various
situations, similar to using the horn, yet not
having that 'emergency' effect factor..

you can blip or lightly rev your engine
coming up behind a distracted driver
to let him know youre there, without,
using your horn..
similarly you can blip or rev to alert
a pedestrian about or stepping onto
the road ahead of you or around
the corner you are turning into [etc]
to get their attention without the horn..

aside from heavy loading such as quick overtakes etc,
i can ride easily in traffic etc within speed limits
without making excessive engine noise
as anyone can, if they want to..
using light blipping to get attention of
drivers or pedestrians etc actually decreases
potential noise from using the horn..

responding to critics of using better ie, lighter
simple design mufflers by mentioning use of
engine noise is just another example of
potentials,, and another fact of the matter..
doesnt mean i or others go out and buy
replacement cannisters to use as horns
or to be heard there generally..
its just another factor..

as in most human decisionmaking..
individuals when free to act
individually, may do just that,
using their own mind and
decisionmaking based on their
own views and preferences..

such a lot of hot air for such
a simple basic and common
motorcycle option...
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post #273 of 277 Old 05-02-2016, 09:15 PM
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About loud pipes. This is an observation that I've been wondering about for some time. With my stock exhaust bikes - they are relatively quiet and I very rarely encounter wildlife (e.g., deer) scurrying across the road in front of me when riding alone or with other quiet bikes. However, it seems that when I'm riding with someone who has a loud, thunderous exhaust - it not only seems to startle human bystanders, but it seems to send full families of confused, startled, and crazed panicky deer darting across the road in all directions all around us on rural roads. I wonder if there is any correlation between exhaust loudness and risk of injury due to wildlife collisions.
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post #274 of 277 Old 05-02-2016, 11:33 PM
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wildlife especially if under hunting pressures
could presumably be startled by say a loud banging
such as a stock harley makes down the road
starting up in the mornings..

wildlife tho are being wiped out along with cars
and drivers/passengers [on usa highways]
running into quiet running cars..
[pbs nova wildways]

it could work both ways of course,
a gun like banging could send wildlife
in the opposite direction..

wildlife have favorite crossing sites
part of movement corridors and could be
heading to or beginning a crossing anyway,
in which case the silent vehicle could
cause a last second startle response
by its unexpected appearance..

as quiet cars and presumably motorcycles
are taken out by wildlife, the go seems to be
to ride [or drive] slowly and carefully
anywhere wildlife might cross roads..

in cities etc, loud vehicles could startle
wild drunks into momentary awareness,
perhaps causing them to pause...
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post #275 of 277 Old 05-03-2016, 09:30 PM
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Most deer accidents result from the vehicle being quiet, then coming up on the deer with headlights blinding the animal and they freeze. If they hear you well before they're blinded, they're much more apt to want to get out of the way.

Tis better to be thought a fool and remain silent, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.
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post #276 of 277 Old 03-09-2019, 11:10 PM
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Talking Agree

My 2c. Agree with original poster. I've owned a CBR250R since 2011. Now have a small stable of bikes all the way up to 1100cc. I still enjoy a blast on the twisties on the CBR.

I've used two aftermarket muffler for the CBR ... a 2 sisters I got when I bought the bike new, being a clueless beginner. ******************** thing just about sent me deaf. I was quite happy when it got smashed to buggery when I crashed bike on RHS. Recently been using a slightly beat up Yoshimura carbon I temporarily swapped with my stock over to teach a new rider. We practice at 6am in a public car park with houses around. Would have the cops sent around with noise complaints if he used the Yoshi that came with the bike. That thing is again obnoxiously loud, have to wear ear plugs to go anywhere near it. The 2 sisters had the silencer baffle, but it did bugger all.

Interestingly I have ridden the CBR on the track maybe 30 times, and I have swapped between the 2 sisters and the way heavier stock several times over maybe 20 days, sometimes between sessions. I can categorically confirm that the bike hits a higher terminal speed down the main straight of SMSP with ... wait for it ... the heavy stock muffler ... over the 2 sisters. About 15 kph in it consistently. I can lap SMSP at a consistent pace, usually within a second if traffic doesn't get in the way.

But I do agree the stock muffler looks ********************. So I painted the shitty silver heat shield a high temp black, and it looks way better. That fat muffler just kinda disappears into the swing arm.

The 2 sisters was a carbon, it looked OK, the carbon Yoshi looks better, super sweet. It just fookin deafens you and I'd bet my bottom dollar the Yoshi also wouldn't improve the bikes performance without a dyno tune / power commander.

It really depends if you are a style over substance sort of person ... and even if you lean style - a CBR250R is unlikely to impress many ladies regardless of exhaust. For that you need an even louder Ducati.
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post #277 of 277 Old 03-10-2019, 07:13 PM
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I painted the heat shield of my CBR250R's exhaust flat black. That was a HUGE improvement!

The rest is just fine the way it is.

"What do YOU care what other people think?" --Arline Feynman
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