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I suppose on the flip side, it's an awesome feeling when you catch a little boy staring and give him a wave. You know you just made his day. Plus in full gear I kinda feel like I resemble the black power ranger.

Normally I would not think anything of ahole road users. A shake of the head and the thought passes. Something about yesterday just got under my skin.
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[long response, basically; ID dangers then avoid/evade.. scroll on bye]

mate, on their level, when someones being a dickhead for attention seeking
whats the best way to reward them[?] with attention,, or ignoring them..

aside from all the nice normal people, there is also a basic cross section
of society, which includes the not so nice, the nutcases, the ratbags,
the dickheads, pisspots, prawns and other also-rans..

those dickheads were manifesting their dickheadedness..
being dickheads.. which is a separate and different context
to knocking one of them out or whatever in a pub or etc..

the motorcycle and the motorcyclist have various advantages
to cars and drivers out there on the roads, especially evasion
where you can [and should] within reason always,, evade
anyone you even think might be a poor driver, or worse..

one disadvantage of the motorcycle is [obviously] vulnerability
to impact.. this is just the reality of it.. two cars hit each other
causing dented bumpers, but the same impact into us will
cause much more serious damage to us and our bikes..

of course you can kick their door in or damage their mirror
as you leave the scene.. but, as in your example, you never know
where or when you might come across the same prawns again..

for all good reasons, best to simply recognise what they are
then, knowing that, employ evasion to get away from the danger..
dont think of this as giving in or anything like that, think of it as
taking the advantage by leaving them there stewing in their own juice..

best to be a non-entity to them, to not leave any hostility or residuals
in their 'minds' or what passes for minds.. that, is your winning there..
a driver who keeps touching the brakes, or wanders around in
its road space [or whatever] has identified themselves to you
as another possible threat to be avoided, like a pothole etc..

as soon as you see them touching their brakes for no reason
they have given you a signal of whats happening in their heads..
whatever it is, doesnt matter, its just another form of incompetence,
and possible danger to you and your motorcycle..

those dickheads hanging out their window spitting etc, are just another
eg of 'touching their brakes'.. dont even think of them as normal people..
just recognise another possible threat on the road to avoid and evade..
its important to do this even aside from the immediate reality of it,
and as part of your own ongoing brain training and development of
road craft and avoidance strategies and responses in traffic etc..

in a way,, see the dickheads as being helpful in this important training..
they have already helped, bringing that situation into focus sufficiently
for you to take time to raise it on this forum of fellow motorcyclists..

there are as members have noted, those out there who will actually
'play' with you, deliberately taking your road space, just like those
who will deliberately walk into your space on the footpath etc..
there are also those who may take it to another level
and deliberately try to take you out...
granted these are rare enough in our society
but they exist, and we dont have the luxury of
pretending they dont, or that every driver is
competent and completely predictable..

anyway, bottom line imo is to treat them like poison,
ie, dont drink it.. use your motorcycles ability to fade
into traffic and away from dangerous drivers..
mate i wont even ride behind a driver smoking,
as inevitably they will toss the burning cigarette
which could be blown into my neck or whatever..

if they hit their brakes or suchlike, black beauty immediately
drops back, away from them, into safer braking distances..
then when the opportunity presents itself, we take them..

aside from filtering thru traffic to the front at lights [legal in NSW]
which traps them in the traffic behind, you can usually overtake
even in traffic when you pick your opportunities..
i had one bloke attempt to block me when filtering
by turning his front wheel [a giveaway] and moving forward
into the filtering space.. seeing this, we went behind the car ahead
then up onto the footpath [empty] and further in front then back
onto the road, and up to the front at the lights..
not suggesting you play games with the footpaths etc,
just another potential escape/evasion route for us..

if theyre showing any interest in you such as to change their
speed or whatever relative to you, you can always turn into
any entry/exit of a business, petrol station or private driveway..

years ago i did chase down a couple of dickheads, but nothing
worthwhile came of it, it just wasted my time and imprinted
itself on my mind.. a negative experience made worse by
making it seem important to brain, by chasing them etc..

so you cant or shouldnt use normal logic or responses
you might use in the street or whatever..
its like thinking of taking on some prawn with a katana
or a shotgun or something.. ie, jumping into the fire..

even the nice people, someoness nice mum or whatever,
can be a danger to us behind the wheel on the roads..
when theyre behind the wheel none of that matters..
all that matters is enjoying our ride, riding safely
and not getting involved with any of them..

there is of course the child who waves
or pulls faces from a cars back seat etc..
various ways we can interact with drivers
as responsible road citizens while riding..

but, as far as the dickheads go,
think of them as funnel webs..
you dont want to pick them up
or play with them..
all you need to do is id them
then avoid and evade..
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Never truer words spoken shisoshin.
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Ohhh it's story time?


I'll just stick to the couple on the bike.
Most recent: Stuck in traffic, driver in front me of looks back and sees me there, proceeds to use cell phone....
Past: Dumb asses in truck in opposite lane passing by chucking soda cup out his window.

Thank god it missed me but what the ********************.

Humanity is lost.
No one has respect for eachother.
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