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Made it back yesterday. Roughly 6000 mi round trip including a few planned detours.

40 MPG av running 70 to 80 most of the time. VFR did well, but he would like a taller windscreen, a 1-piece riding suit, and a better helmet for next time. The GPS mounted on the bike when he got it proved pretty handy. Bike has 40K+ on it now, and didn't use any oil the entire trip.

New Dunlop Roadsmarts are showing some flattening in the center, but still have plenty of life left. He said he dragged the pegs at one point, and they stuck just fine. He liked the roads in northern CA, and found a few others where he could have some fun.
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theres a similar red one parks at our yoga space
regularly [along with a regular black cbr250r]
which draws my attention like a magnet..
underseat exhausts look stock [?]
again an immaculate but working motorcycle..
twin radiators inner side fairing spaces,,
one obvious eg of design intentions..

makes you wonder...
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Originally Posted by Schroeder View Post
700 miles per day? i wouldn't even want to do that in a car. o_O
I already get neck and shoulder problems when riding the 250 for more than 1.5 hours without a break.
I have driven from Pattaya, Chonburi province, to Bamnet Narong, Chaiyaphum province. Distance about 300 miles. When I get out the car I am doing a good audition for the "Walking Dead" for at least 20 minutes.

Jeez, it is true, "Youth is wasted on the Young". Wish I could be fit and supple again.
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on long sitting, esp strapped into cars..
but also part of motorcycle riding..

'sitting is the new smoking' is one shorthand reference
to potential effects from just sitting, as in 3hrs in a car
or for hours during the day or evening at work or tv..

it is possible [and easy] to sit in yoga sitting positions
provided basic structural alignments are used..
this is not so simple in car seats, especially automatics
and involving minimal steering, braking etc, ie, movement..

counter this by stretching gently but thoroughly before, driving,
moving about while driving, stopping for short breaks standing
and moving/stretching, then again after driving..
brain responds to input from joints, muscle and connective tissues
and their many sensors constantly feeding info to brain,,
which attempts to 'help' by moving out of pain signals etc,
but strapped into a car seat, good counter movements
are difficult or impossible thus brain may move further into
slumping [to avoid input of stress on joints etc, esp back]..

unless actually meditating, yoga sitting positions are designed
to use the bodies natural range of movements [natural for many
esp today means unnatural], such as turning/twisting ,
bending forward and back and side to side, including head
movements, neck movements and other joint movements..
[giving rise to the many and various yoga positions]

if youre not used to running [say] then it will be difficult
even for short distances at medium pace, burning energy
to force muscles etc to move out of their pre-set ranges
of movement.. tho easy and energy efficient when
you/your body and brain are used to it..

its not just standing, as opposed to sitting..
just standing can have similar negative effects..
it depends on what you do, while standing,
or for that matter while riding..

even small movements over the [bike] seat
can have beneficial effects flowing thru the body,
its joints and so on.. just taking the weight now and then
left or right or thru both legs and feet/their joints, and thru
both shoulders/arms/elbows/wrists/hands and fingers,,
assisted by using clutch and brake levers, throttle
and clutch.. also blinkers, head checks, etc..

extreme example wonderboy or rossi etc taking corners
on elbows and knees, quickly up and over the other side [etc].
not suggesting trying to copy racers on the streets,,
but the idea of ongoing movement is the same,
but to a different degree..
just sitting on the bike, in a straight line say,
is better than strapped into a car seat, but
still limiting of natural movements..
unless,, you deliberately move muscles,
ie, tense and relax them, standing up on pegs etc,
moving forward and back thru shoulders/arms etc,
stretching neck, pivot of head and jaws by deliberate
movements.. not much beyond thinking of doing this..
eg, biting and stretching mouth/jaws open and shut,
which anyone can do inside their helmet..

unless under some tight schedule, on any ride
you can stop, hop off, take a leak, stretch, move,
walk around, do slow karate kicks [or whatever],
perhaps drink something, caffeine, if thats your go..
this is a very good idea for group riding or riding
with a mate, and also solo riding..
simply take off ten or so minutes early
then no time is lost in the stop and self therapy..

stretching can include leaning on things, walls,
cars, bike seat etc, ie, taking your weight to get at
tired muscles without over stressing them..
anyone can do standing torso twists, either elbows out
hands in to chest or swinging arms around as well..
adding in neck and head gently to these twists
is also an excellent tension releasing movement..

not inate advantage of motorcycles in natural stretching
and movement of whole body esp hips and lower back
in mounting and dismounting your motorcycle..
this can be repeated, including slowly, or partially,
as part of pre-ride prep and stretching..
even a few half or full mount/dismounts..
also with our heavy helmets on, head/neck twists
are easy and should be started quite gently..
even nodding, especially leaned forward,
is a form of light weight lifting for neck
and upper back/vertebrae..

these things together with a moment of focusing
mind and breath before taking off are excellent
pre-ride preparations.. anyone can do this..
if no experience with breath work etc, simply
take your own slow controlled deeper breath,
into abdomen, hold a couple of moments,
then let it flow out naturally..
even a couple of nice breathes when ready
relax the whole system plus alert brain
to the task ahead, or the pleasure to come..
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If you want to see all of the photos in this thread, you will need to install the "Photobucket Fixer" extension.

This is a link to a "Photobucket Fixer" extension for Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...giikdkpmcpkaon

There is also one available for Firefox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fir...obucket-fixer/

These do work! It makes all the dead photos alive again, so you can view them as usual. It works only for the computer that has it installed, and doesn't fix the thread itself.

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Here's a shot of the VFR and my SV last weekend, somewhere southeast of St. Louis -

My son and I ran down to Arkansas from Wisconsin over the weekend for the Arkansas Mile Challenge to spectate. It's a land speed race on an old B-52 base with a runway that's over 2 mi long.

The VFR was a much better choice than my SV for the trip, which was over 1300 mi total, cruising just under 80. I made it the 12-hour trip each way on the SV - but it was painful!
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post #17 of 18 Old 10-03-2018, 02:25 AM
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No way I could do that. I already get considerable shoulder and neck pain when sitting on the CBR for more than an hour (a problem I even have on bicycles so I guess there's an issue with my body...). No way I could ride for twelve hours in one day.

Besides you should upgrade to an even bigger bike. We all know that "just under 80" is way too slow and a really dangerous speed for motorcycles. You'll be rear ended and rolled over in no time. That's why 250s can't go on the interstate....

Yes, I know that 80 is not the bike's limit but I just had to make fun of all the "the 250 isn't safe because it can't go warp speed, you need to upgrade to a liter bike for safety!!!" type of people.

My computer is fighting Aids and Cancer in it's idle time, and yours?
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post #18 of 18 Old 10-03-2018, 09:08 AM Thread Starter
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It was really pushing it for me as well, and I can still feel some soreness in my shoulders after 3 days. We were treated with rain, construction, traffic, and darkness for the last hour and a half, just as we got back into WI (welcome home!).

Not something I'd done before, or will be doing again any time soon, but it was an adventure and fun to spend the time on the road and at the races with one of my boys. He will be graduating college shortly, and most likely moving a ways away. My youngest boy has enlisted in the Marines, and will be leaving just after the first of the year also.

Running close to 80 isn't a problem for me or my son, but the unskilled and impatient drivers in the metro areas around St. Louis, and even Springfield, IL, made me really nervous at those speeds. I'd be a lot more comfortable on the track at double that speed.
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