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Red and silver
Base model,non-ABS, Leo Vince Corsa carbon fiber slip-on exhaust
*8/2017* Bought my 2011 Honda CBR250R, vin MLHMC4113B5003016, from the gorgeous Becca at Monster Powersport in Wauconda, IL on August 14,2017. It was shown with 5,436 miles and a sticker price of $2,499. I put a down payment of $500 on it and was approved for a loan of $2,6xx after taxes, fees, registration, etc. I took a $48 Uber ride to Wauconda to pick up my Guilty Pleasure on August 15th. The 40 miles home to St. Charles was my first ever motorcycle ride on the open road. Bike was completely stock when I bought it, it still had every decal it did as from the factory.

HUGE argument with my Dad regarding the thing, which, after a couple of days we agreed to disagree and left it at that. The story is to be continued....

*9/2017* I've put over 1,300 miles on the Guilty Pleasure in my 3 weeks of ownership. My confidence is continuing to evolve on the bike, and I'm very happy with my choice of a first motorcycle. This amazing little machine does everything I ask of it and in return it gives me countless smiles, a ton of compliments and an average of 61.4mpg so far which is $0.04/mile fuel cost - amazing.

*5/2018* Back riding again after the never ending winter of 2017. I stored Guilty Pleasure in my mom's enclosed and heated garage and it started right up when I came to rescue it from the garage's clutches. The odometer is reading about 10,4xx miles now, so I almost doubled the previous owners mileage of 6 years in just a few months of riding. Already purchased and/or planned upgrades for this season include a Yoshimura tail eliminator kit purchased from eBay for $60, a carbon fiber triple tree plate for about $20, a replacement original tool kit from eBay for $20, and we'll see what else comes up. New tires will probably be needed soon, and I'm contemplating braided stainless brake lines.
2011 Honda CBR250R (Red and silver)


Leo Vince GP Corsa carbon fiber slip-on.
Carbon fiber triple tree protector plate, smallish carbon fiber tank protector,



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