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General Information

CBR 250R
Black n Silver
Got the vehicle after a lot of talks with the dealer

changed 3 tanks after delivery of motorcycle. since the paint had pitting on the petrol filler tank.

the first had sand below Clear coat.

Changed full faring since the front was scratched deep above the Head light.

PDI of HONDA india is horrible

buyers beware check the bike and only then sign off that motorcycle is ok. if not good do not sign till it is good.
2011 Honda CBR 250R (Black n Silver)


OE Conti Go. was the worst. no grip no balance. To turn the Motorcycle is like turning a battle ship.

front : 28000Km
Reat : 25000Km

changed to MRF RevZ ( once that came in KTM duke 200)

First set :
Front: 2300Km
Reat : 25600Km

during rain shows its limitation...

much better better
Second set:

Front/rear: 20500km. had to replace them due to 8 puncture s.

now on Michillin street's good balance of rigidity grip and wet grip. and going on.... worth the paymnet
sprocket changed details below is fr to back
there is speedo error
15/37; gears are tall top speed on ODO was 135kmph
13/37: better torque top speed on ODO was 155kmph
13/38: a lot more torque and top speed on ODO was 165kmph
14/44: huge torque advantage and top speed on ODO was 179Kmph.

fist engine lasted 77000Km and then the Crank shaft squirrel bearing broke or say snapped there by damaged the bore and piston skirt.

now finished running in 2nd new set of crank shaft bore piston, piston rings

the mileage had gone up to 40kmpl at sane speeds of 80kmph.
and added EBC clutch springs.
Bought Honda touring shield

then bought zero gravity touring shield.

among the two i liked Honda touring shield. easy fit but to clean the OE shield is difficult.
Got Preloads from Tyga Performance. best for handling improvement and add lot more speed to turns.

standard break pads are ment for once who like to use the motorcycle for sedentary ride. for dishing speeds and catching with higher out put engines on curving roads upgrade the pads. best value for money.

added EBC HH break pads.
1st set
Front lasted 28000km.
rear EBC HH lasted 25000km

2nd set
front lasted 22000km lend to a friend for him to know on HH break performance
rear is 23000 km and going on nearing its end life

3rd set

added EPFA HH on bike .. ahhhh what a break. more details in future.

rear not yet addded



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