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  1. CBR250 Service and Maintenance
    After doing a brake bleed I filled on an upright fluid level position the rear and front brake reservoirs. i filled to the upper mark on the rear one as specified in the owners manual and the front on until the inner casting mark as specified in the service manual. However when closing the caps...
  2. CBR250 Service and Maintenance
    So a bit of a nooby question but im gonna do my first chain adjustment tomorow and I was wondering if its possible to "crack" loose the right side rear axle nut instead of the left side. I know the manual shows the left nut should be the one loosened while holding the right one in place but i...
  3. CBR250 Parts and Accessories
    Hi! I'm looking to swap out my cbr 250r 2011 old tyres (S20 front hypersport and BT46 rear sport touring) with a couple S22's. Was wondering if anyone could testify on their durability and the adjacent riding style. PS: I bought the cbr with the previously mentioned tyres so they were probably...
  4. CBR250 Service and Maintenance
    I recently got the bike second hand and it needs some fixing. I'm replacing the fuel tank and pump assembly as they were destroyed due to corrosion but I don't know the torque specs for the tank bolts. I don't have the service manual, only the owners and I didn't see it in there.
1-4 of 4 Results