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  1. Really need help everyone! 2013 CBR250r will only start and run if i give it throttle!

    CBR250 Problems and Issues
    How is everyone doing? So ever since i was a little kid I've always wanted a motorcycle. I finally got my first bike a little over a month ago. 2013 honda cbr250r. For the first week it ran great with no issues, then on my way to work one day I pulled the clutch in to stop at a redlight and it...
  2. Bike dies when starting in Neutral

    CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hello, bought myself a used motorcycle a week ago. It is really in a good condition and everything works only one thing gives me a little bit to think about and that is, if I start the bike and I am in neutral and I don't give 2-3 light gas blasts then the engine dies off. But I don't have that...
  3. 2012 CBR 250 - Will not start - NEED HELP

    CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Sorry for this long post but want to give as much info as possible. I stupidly did not have the bike on tender this winter so went to start it last week and of course the battery was drained, jump started it and it turned on right away. Couldn't take take it out so turned it off connected the...
  4. CBR250r ABS issue

    CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hi all I'm Vikas, I own a CBR 250r I got an issue with the ABS of my bike I was using it normally went for a ride to meet my friend later reached home and parked my bike an hour later I have to go out again at that time I have noticed that after reaching the speed more than 10Kmph the ABS light...