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    I use the bike pretty much daily no issues for the past 2 months , I left it parked up for the weekend and when I came back I Turned the key and got no lights on the dash , I checked the battery it's reading at 12.7 volts , I checked the fuses (they were all good ) I was able to bypass the...
  2. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hello! I will take all advice/wisdom from you all! Here is my issue. I have a 2015 CB2015F and out of the blue while riding I lost all electrical power. I pulled over, turned on and off a few times and after a few minutes all power came back. This has happened three times and each time I could...
  3. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    2011 cbr250r I bought this several years ago it had been in a wreck and the plastics were completely destroyed but it ran fine drove it around for several months then I parked it for at least 3 years. Now I'm ready to work on it again so I put a battery on it and find out that the fuel pump is...
1-3 of 3 Results