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  1. PLEASE HELP! RARE & Bizarre CBR250RA problem

    CBR250 Problems and Issues
    My 2012 CBR 250RA has been acting up and I can't find a real solution anywhere!! This bike is my primary for of transportation so I have been stranded. -Speedometer was giving erratic readings while riding or even revving in neutral. -At high speeds the engine would bogs and dies out as the ABS...
  2. CBR250 (2012) – starting/electricity problem

    CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hi, when I turn the key to ON, everything gets ready and is fine. Battery is also good by the way. But when I press the starter button, I immediately hear a semi-loud click (I guess somewhere near the seat where the battery is) and all electricity is out. No cranking at all, it just kills the...