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  1. CBR250 Parts and Accessories
    Hi, My repsol 2012 needs a new exhaust slip on stock is not ayoba sounding! Anyone have a Yoshimura or Akra somewhere that I may purchase?
  2. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    So I want to remove my exhaust to clean the rear caliper and I guess it came with an allen bolt? (bottom one on the pic) Every video I see of someone removing a cbr 250r exhaust shows it with an hex bolt and yet for SOME REASON mine came with this abomination. Soo... Is this normal? And if so...
  3. CBR250 Parts and Accessories
    I got one laying around for sale
  4. Motorcycle Parts for Sale
    Evening all, Bought my first cbr250r last week and loving the bike Got to be honest I bought it with a Beowulf exhaust on it and it’s far to loud for my early starts for work Wondered if anyone has a stock exhaust by any chance? I appreciate this is a long shot🙂
1-4 of 4 Results