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  1. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Model Year: CBR 250r 2011 Odometer (Miles/Km's): 41,000 Km ABS model?: No Description of the Problem: Start Motorcycle, turns on fine, but will die after about 3 seconds. I can engage the throttle and the motorcycle will stay on. As soon as I let the throttle go, the motorcycle dies. I can...
  2. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    So I was doing an oil change and pulled the filter out and there was tons I mean tons of copper like material in the filter and the clutch cover case does anyone have any insight on what this could be from and how to fix it ?
  3. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    So I have this gap on one side of the axle someone please tell me if it’s normal I noticed in the group that someone has posted about this before but no real answers
  4. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hi friends, i came across this problem in my cbr while changing the oil filter in my bike. This was the first time i tried to change oil by myself.I found this crack inside the oil filter casing when trying to replace my filter.Mine is just a 2year old cbr running just 12000 km and maintaining...
  5. Honda CBR250 General Discussion
    Hello, I recently got my M2 license (Ontario motorcycle riding license) and want to buy a new motorcycle. I know very little to nothing about motorcycles. The motorcycle seems to be in a good shape with minor cosmetic scratches and no rust that I could visibly see. It is a non-ABS model but...
1-5 of 5 Results