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  1. CBR250 Parts and Accessories
    Im looking at repairing my 2012 CBR250R with parts from a 2016 model. Are the parts interchangable?
  2. Honda CBR250 General Discussion
    My indicators all stopped working after a very wet road and lots of road water, they did temporarily start working now have died, everything else works and all fuses are fine. When pressing indicators I can hear a fast ticking have now ordered a relay for the bike. Anything else it could be?
  3. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    I got my tyre replaced when i noticed the stock contiGo tyre worn out condition video
  4. Honda CBR250 General Discussion
    Hello. First post so here I go: i have just successfully rebuilt a Honda MC19. New pistons, new rings. Valves and head done by a professional. New spark plugs. Everything is put back together to spec. I broke the engine in and it runs and idles fine. The carburettor has new jets and gaskets and...
  5. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hi there. The blue led lights in the clocks are not working, I was thinking of just buying clocks and wondered if the cbr 300 clocks fit?
  6. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    Hi, I have a problem. After a week's break, I pulled out my motorcycle and had trouble shifting. I hear a regular sound when downshifting. As if rubbing / scrubbing. It goes from the front wheel. The sound stops when the clutch is depressed. It didn't do that when shifting up. It also does this...
1-6 of 6 Results