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  1. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    So since switching to a front Xenon bulb I notice that when starting up the engine, the bike dashboard and front light flickers. Then I noticed that when I pressed the front brake the dashboard would veeeeery slightly flicker. I thought nothing of it until today when I noticed that hitting the...
  2. CBR250 Appearance and Modifications
    So this one has been clawing my head with major ''how the f...'s'' for hours now. Here's the gist: I got a new Xenon bulb from my dad, actually 3 Xenon bulbs with their own ballast kits, and decided, hey what's better than an LED? A free HID! And hurriedly went for an install. It's a bulb with...
  3. Neons

    Decided to do a new set up on my neons. It’s coming out well. I think
1-4 of 4 Results