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  1. 0CB42240-A36F-4F0F-AFB3-6963C4E251C0.jpeg

    Factory repsol fairing versus pin stripe repsol fairing
  2. CBR250 Performance
    So this is the 2012 I’ve been dumping money into for fun let me know opinions and what else would like to be see done to it “that can’t be done” Leo Vince lv10 pipe Tinted windscreen 160 rear tire 13t front sprocket Thinking about a power commander if anyone has one let me know if any decent...
  3. CBR250 Performance
    hey, so I've had my 2011 cbr250r for a couple months now and before I did any mods to it i did a speed run on the m4 in Sydney (I know sketchy right?). I was pushing it around the 9-10k rpm mark in 6th on a little down hill with no tail wind and I was able to reach a top speed of about 145/147...
1-3 of 3 Results