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  1. CBR250 Parts and Accessories
    Hi! I'm looking to swap out my cbr 250r 2011 old tyres (S20 front hypersport and BT46 rear sport touring) with a couple S22's. Was wondering if anyone could testify on their durability and the adjacent riding style. PS: I bought the cbr with the previously mentioned tyres so they were probably...
  2. CBR250 Problems and Issues
    I got my tyre replaced when i noticed the stock contiGo tyre worn out condition video
  3. Honda CBR250 General Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I've read these forums before buying a bike.Thank you Everyone I now own a CBR ! I want to change the tyres guys, but I'm very confused as to which tyre I must buy. I've heard Pirelli is not that good, Michellin -need reviews. MRF .. confused reviews. Ceat - no review at all.
1-3 of 3 Results