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Hi Guys,

Just to state a fact, the automobile media in India is one of the most untrustworthy types...or maybe the same practice would be followed around the world. Every other magazine will have its own set of lap times, acceleration figures and top speeds. Also the bike which would be in the books of praises would suddenly become an object of criticism and for this very reason, one can take opinions and the timing part of the bikes in the Indian media with a pinch of salt.

Same was the state of affairs with the 0-100 timings of the CBR being quoted in the media i.e. to the extent of 10+ second run. After riding my CBR for considerable distance, I could easily and very well guess that 10 seconds is on the very higher side and decided to do it myself while returning late night from work- late for the reason that the highways are relatively empty. I stuck my age-old digicam on the handlebar with an adhesive tape.

This was just a one time run, I didn't do a retry which am sure "MIGHT" have given me slightly better timings. The stretch was a flat one which no inclines or descends. Also for that initial whack at the throttle, I got a wheelspin in dust which could have stolen a few fractions of a second. But anyways- in the end am happy that I could manage much better timings than what our so-called professional testers from the magazine had to say.

Here is the video:
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