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My son had the CRF150R out on the USAir track in Shawano, WI, yesterday, and he said it was stronger than ever with the high compression piston and rebuild. More low-end pull and lifted the front where it didn't before. New Bridgestone slicks as well, but the track was pretty green and a bit slippery in spots. Lap times were 2 seconds quicker than last time out in the fall and under the times for the last race winner.

That's the good news.

The bad news is he chopped a corner too tight, caught the peg on the curb, lifted the rear and low-sided. No big deal except his leg got caught and twisted significantly, which led to a trip to the local ER. Now back at our house waiting to get an appointment with the Ortho Doc. Pretty sore all over. That leg already has a plate in it, and he may need more work.

But the bike isn't too bad....
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