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$1.99 tank pads, many styles!

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Just bought a gloss black pad from these guys on ebay. Very nice pad, just as good as any name brand if anyone is looking for a bargain. $1.99US with free shipping. Very good customer service. I will post a link to the pad... obviously it will end soon so just click their store front and search "Tank Pad".
I would advise any who buys it to wipe the tank with alcohol first, dry, buff, then heat tank with hair dryer (or just do it on a really hot day in direct sunlight). Mine lifted around the corners at first but that was my bad for putting it on when it was cold out. Used a dryer and pushed it back down... has not moved since.
TP04 Tank Pad sticker for Honda CBR 900 919 954 VFR 750 800 VTR 1000 Firestorm | eBay
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Thanks for the tip on the tank pads Mongoose....I just ordered 2...for all of $3.98. Seems like a good seller, they shipped the same day.
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